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Tuxedo Kittens Take the Best Photos

I have photographed all sorts of different kinds of cats and kittens. Short hair, long hair, domestic, pedigree and reviewing all the photos I have reached the conclusion that tuxedo kittens take some of the best photos. I was going through some of my favourite tuxedo kitten photos and I thought I would compile them into one blog post  where you could see many of the tuxedo kittens I have had the pleasure of knowing. I could do a part 2 to this if I really wanted but I will save it for another time.

I hope you enjoy the photos of the tuxedo kittens I have captured. I think these photos go so show what beautiful photos tuxedo kittens are capable of.

Take for instance this photo of little kitten Tabitha. Her face in this photo is priceless.

Kitten Tabitha

Kitten Tabitha

Here is kitten Tabitha playing inside a cat tunnel with a cat toy posing for a photo. She just looks so adorable.


On the subject of tuxedo kittens I  have to include a photo of the loveable kitten Biscuit. My very first foster kitten. This little kitten never took a bad photo. As you can see here.

Little Biscuit sleeping

Little Biscuit sleeping

And the beauty of tuxedo kittens even extends into the pedigree cat breeds as well. Here is a little cornish rex kitten trying to play with the sign above his cage during judging.

Rex kitten being judged

Rex kitten being judged

Here is a recent favourite of mine. It is little kitten Yul. This little guy was a small kitten who didn’t know he was a small kitten. This little kitten would not be pushed around by anybody. He may of been small but he had a very dominant personality. Unfortunately for kitten Yul he recently suffered some health complications for which he could not be treated and he passed away.

tcr dec-12

Because kitten Yul touched so many people including me I want to include another photo of little kitten Yul. It is one of my favourite photos of kitten Yul because I think it captures his personality.

little Yul up to something

little Yul up to something

Here are two tuxedo kittens chasing a laser. This is Yul and Lexi attempting to chase a laser. If you think one tuxedo kitten in a photo looks amazing wait until you see two of them.

kittens Yul and Lexi chasing a laser

kittens Yul and Lexi chasing a laser

This is another very special tuxedo kitten named Brody. He was a real sweety. His new name is now Tommy and he found himself a very loving home with a new kitty friend named Leo. I know all about Tommy because I helped to get him settled into his new home. He adjusted really quickly and got himself a new best friend in the process.

kitten Brody posing

kitten Brody posing


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